Hi my name is Elliana, I am 10 years old. Leanne who is also my Aunty helped me go through a lot like when my Mum had a lot of problems and I couldn't live with her.  Leanne looked after me for over a year now, I am a much better person. Before I felt sad, depressed and lonely.  Now I feel like I am the opposite of that and I know what got the best of me back then.  I am now a dancer, a singer and a model. Thanks to Leanne I got to follow my dreams. 

Elliana Smith-Lovett


Leanne has always been a healer and a problem solver.  Most of all she has a true understanding of hardship and struggle.  She has shown me that everyone has it in them to grow and rise above and we need to be vulnerable and honest to set us free.  She can get you to see clarity in the darkest days.  She doesn't tell you or push you into the right path, she has her hand out for you to hold to guide you, when you are truly ready.

Sarah Smith

Smiling Young Man

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