• Leanne Smith

the power of meditation

Having a daily meditation practice is truly transformative for all areas of your life. I started my journey of meditation with breath-work nearly a decade ago. I can tell you from experience it was not easy to start!!!!! My ego was putting up all sorts of resistance. Saying things to me like "this is a waste of time", "what are you going to get from this anyway", "what's the point".....blah blah blah. My mind was so busy back then that it was so challenging for me. I have to tell you all of this is very normal. To be perfectly frank the ego knows that if you develop a daily practice then its power over you will diminish, which it doesn't want. The ego is the protective, coping mechanisms we adopt and inherit to keep us safe and from feeling pain of the parts of us we have not yet faced and healed. It wants to continue to do its job to protect us however it doesn't realise its strategies are not helpful and keep us limited, from feeling peace and joy from within, to have all our needs met from within and therefore limits us from our creative potential.

Meditation has a long list of benefits for our internal health and self regulation. It also helps us to become more embodied, to be able to witness and observe the mind. This is an incredibly powerful capacity to develop. When we can create this space between ourselves from the mind we have the ability to not be controlled by its impulses to react and to enact patterns from the subconscious mind. We move from being enslaved towards freedom. It is also helpful to couple self-reflection and self-enquiry, which is major part of doing the "inner work" with the support of a coach or therapist who is skilled in helping to deconstruct challenging situations, triggers, struggles that come up in life. To reflect our wholeness back to us and hold a safe space. Have a compassionate level of enquiry to allow us to open up our hearts and our minds to new ways of perceiving, being which then changes our experience of life.

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