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free yourself from anxiety

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

We all experience anxiety in our life, it can feel overwhelming and all consuming. The best practices I have used to overcome anxiety is about management to lessen its affects.

In the moment of experiencing anxiety I use my breath to calm and ground myself. I take myself away to a space where I can be quiet and still. I acknowledge to myself how I am feeling. When my mind is racing I try to observe rather than follow the thoughts, as this is what pulls your energy down. I talk to myself with reassuring words letting myself know that I can get through this. I sit still until the feeling lessens. It is likely the feeling will not pass completely so be ok with not feeling ok here.

Practices I put in place to manage anxiety is having a daily meditation practice and setting positive intentions before I begin everyday. I avoid checking facebook or emails in the morning and use the time when I first wake to set my mind and intention, so I go into my day clear. You can use meditation at the end of the day to clear and process the day.

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