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how to love yourself

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The concept of self-love seemed too new age and unaccessible to me. If one of the underlying issues is that I do not love myself, then the answer would be just to love myself right?! But what does this even mean???

I explored this topic through my own healing journey and what I discovered is for me that it was more about honouring myself, my truth and standing strong in who I am. So there is a journey to follow to get connected to yourself, which I can certainly guide you on.

Loving yourself is making a commitment to you. Use these practices and they will strengthen your self-love. Saying yes because you truly want to say yes, equally not been afraid to say no. Creating boundaries with others, knowing what you are willing to accept and not been afraid to bring voice to that which you do not. Being clear on your values. Having radical self-acceptance and self-compassion for yourself. Doing what you love and brings you joy.

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