Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

I am a psychology student, a qualified NLP Coach and a qualified Conscious Parenting Coach under Dr Shefali's Coaching Institute.  With over 8 years in the field of healing, self development and supporting others.  
I have worked through my own personal issues of co-dependency, addictive behaviours, complex relationship dynamics, self-sacrifice, people pleaser archetype, fear, trauma, lack of self responsibility and victim mindset.
I work with people who want be be free. Who are committed to self enquiry, discovery and want to explore their psyche.  They are willing to be honest and listen to, at times, very confronting truths.  They want to be free from cycles of dysfunction, limiting beliefs and negative conditioning. To become a better parent, to be more loving, patient, understanding partner, to be more honouring of themselves, to thrive.  For people who want to expand their awareness beyond the limitations of the mind to feel empowered and express their full potential, truth and authenticity.
I see the true YOU and guide you to clear the untruths that reside at the subconscious mind, bringing what is hidden to the surface so it can be processed, reframed and cleared.  I teach you, guide you and empower you to commit to a new conscious way of living.